Mick Dunn Motor Repairs is a small family run business that has been operating in the Mackay area for 40 years. Our staff are courteous, helpful and nothing is too difficult.

Started in 1976 with Michael Dunn - snr

In 2000 taken over by Michael Dunn - jnr - started as an apprentice in 1978

Michaels wife, Lee-Ann runs the office along with Michaels sister, Kathy.

We keep a small staff so we all know what is going on and everything runs smoothly.

We have many customers who have been coming to us since the beginning and we now also count their children and their grandchildren as our loyal clientele.

At Mick Dunns we always find that people appreciate that Michael will speak directly to the customer about any concerns they have with their vehicle and he always takes the time to explain what the problem may be.



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